Dry Fondant for Candy Centers
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Dry Fondant for Candy Centers, 1 pound bag. Dry fondant is used to make candy cream centers and centers for chocolate covered cherries. Certified Kosher.

(3% invert) Use for making candy centers and icings.

1lb Dry Fondant, 2 TBLS Milk or Whipping Cream, 6 TBLS Butter or Margarine. Warm liquid or butter on stove top. Stir the Dry Fondant into the mixture, then knead with your hands. Flavor and color as desired.

FAQ : Once made into a cream center, how does it (dry fondant) need to be stored? Do filled candies need to be refridgerated? Answer: WRAP IN PLASTIC TO KEEP IT FROM DRYING OUT AND STORE IN A COOL PLACE. THE FILLED CANDIES DO NOT NEED REFriGERATED.



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  • Manufacturer: CK Products

Dry Fondant for Candy Centers

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